I am a Baaad Blogger!

It is now December and my last published post was in MAY! How can that be?

I have had lots going on. What about Nancy's Notions? Didn't I ever update that? Or how about my article for 'Notions'...I was sure I wrote something.

And sewing, what about sewing? I made the wedding shrug, the Fantasy Beach Dress, my perfect-crotch-curve-yoga-pants, the twist top, the twist top, the twist top...the Khaliah Ali stuff. None of it got blogged about?

I think the time has come to admit to myself that: I. AM. A. BAD. BLOGGER.

There, I said it. I can release the guilt.

I may be a bad blogger, but I am a great person, mom, wife, and friend and it has been those things and more that have been taking priority and my time these past few months. Now that things have settle down a little and my health and energy has greatly improved, I hope to catch up on all of the blogging that I have only been doing in my mind.

I am grateful to all of you for your love and support,

"I'm not ornery, I'm just playful"

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