Nancy's Notions Called...

And Valerie's Butterfly Garden is going on a trip to Beaver Dam, WI!

I was just notified that VBG was chosen as a finalist in the Nancy's Notions 25th Anniversary Contest! I understand that there were over 350 entries in the five categories and that it is now down to @90. Whew, pretty stiff competition! I am just thrilled to have made it this far and with those kind of odds, I have no delusions of grandeur ;-)

I actually sent the photos in on a bit of a whim and almost missed the deadline. Maybe procrastination is part of my "creative process?" lol

Wish me luck!


Bunny said...

Congratulations on being chosen. Thats a great accomplishment. I wish you the best.

heidi lynn cooper said...

Thanks so much! Now I am a nervous wreck just waiting for the big news! lol