Valerie's Butterfly Garden

I was quite amazed and honored to have my garment chosen as the 2007 Grand Prize Winner in the Simplicity/ASG Creativity Contest -- Most Creative Use of Fabric and/or Trim Category.

This was the first time I had entered a contest like this, or for that matter, made a piece of art-to-wear, so this was especially gratifying.

All of the winning garments can been seen on both the Simplicity and ASG websites. I highly recommend a look, some amazingly creative work!

I have had numerous requests for photos, so at the bottom of the page is the main photo and inspiration for the piece. I have also included a slide show with commentary on the construction process.

I would love to hear what you think, so drop me a note!


cre8ivtype said...

This is a wonderful start to a promising website. Heidi is a true artist and it's about time she started something like this. Heidi, think about teaching classes. You have a gift.

mlreedmsg said...

And the National magazine for ASG did a great article with pics on the Flutterby Garden!!!

heidi lynn cooper said...

Thank you both for the kind words! It has been an incredible journey. As for teaching classes, you never know! ;-)